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OCEALYS Laboratoire - rue René Descartes
29280 Plouzané
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Through constant exploration of the marine world, our source of continuous discoveries, OCEALYS has become a specialist in mineral cosmetics and personal care products, combining the benefits of trace elements and mineral salts of all origins.


Since its creation, OCEALYS has studied and modeled the experiments of French physiologist and biologist René Quinton to create innovative cosmetics and personal care products. 

It is through his experiments that Quinton demonstrated the analogy between the body’s internal environment and isotonic sea water.  Thanks to his research OCEALYS is able to develop innovative concepts and active principles.


Clinical studies in progress:  The Dermatology Department at Brest’s University Hospital is in the process of studying the influence of isotonic sea water on cutaneous pH balance.

The results will be published in a few months.


Comparative analysis of Sicilian hot springs for their application in cosmetics and parapharmacy