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OCEALYS Laboratoire - rue René Descartes
29280 Plouzané
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Natural Resources & Ethical Innovation – A mastery of the process:  from harvesting to the extraction of active principles


OCEALYS explores marine natural resources from all over the world and helps you with the ECOCERT certification of your products.

Our mineral resources of various origins are used in respect to their biodiversity. Our many species of seaweed are harvested from the Molène Archipelago off the coast of Brittany, France, in a unique marine biosphere reserve labeled “Man & Biosphere” by UNESCO since 1988 and today part of the Iroise Sea marine park.


Learn more about Molène Island:

More than 20 species of seaweed are harvested by our small subsidiary located on the island.  The seaweed is gathered by using traditional methods in order to respect their ecology and biodiversity and performed in accordance to local regulations.

The quintessence and active components of each substance are preserved by 2 transformation techniques approved by ECOCERT:

  • The method of maceration for making extracts, which does not call for any chemicals
  • The process of drying at temperatures lower than 42°C is ionizing radiation free and carried out in the dark for transforming substances into powders