Our team & our ethic

An expert and loyal team from many years, at your disposal to support you in all stages of your Cosmetic brand project, with a quality approach according to the ISO 22716 norm.

The Research & Development center
The founding president and team’s engineers,
to guide you in the design of exclusive active ingredients derived from natural resources, to create books of ideas, a source of trends and inspiration, for your creative and private label cosmetic brand project.

The Formulation laboratory
The Research & Development Manager, Françoise Branquet, Chemical and Cosmetic engineer, with talent recognized throughout the profession, oversees a permanent team of project managers, engineers and formulation technicians.

The Packaging Development & Industrial Transposition Service
The Purchasing & Marketing Director, Marie Laure Hamon, Quality engineer and cosmetologist, with the creativity and essential expertise to design your product line in constant collaboration with our subcontractor partners.

The Regulatory Planning & Testing Department
The laboratory team leader, Virginie Seité, formulation specialist with extensive experience in industrial production and assisted by Moana Tavili, cosmetic and regulatory engineer, who takes care and controls timelines throughout the test procedure of your formulas.

The Compliance & Testing Department
The Manager of the Regulatory service, Séverine Ledy, regulatory and quality engineer, expert in European and International Regulations and regulatory intelligence, in cosmetic claims, in all types of certifications, who also works in partnership with our dermatologist partners and our toxicologists experts.

The Commercial service
A dynamic, responsive team, with the pretty voice and professionalism of Alice Join, to welcome you and listen to you, to answer you quickly or guide you, to send you samples or technical sheets, to take care of your appointments.


Imagination in its purest form is the art of giving life to what does not exist and to be creative, you have to develop humility and courage.

Creativity is coming from authenticity and respect of the tradition, as a painter does not reinvent the rainbow, he uses colors differently.

Succeed in integrating multiple influences, cultural or ancestral to the most modern biotechnologies, in order to create new dynamics of skin care in line with the evolution of the world of cosmetics.

Take inspiration from the new perspectives offered by biomimicry: restoring the best that exists in the Nature, the bio-economy or the blue economy or even the circular economy by promoting our local and French country.

This interpenetration of life and creation, supports actions in favor of the biodiversity and the well-being of our planet and ourselves.

To formulate sensorial, creative and high-performance cosmetic products, designed as real rituals to generate emotion and great sensation of well-being essential to preserve the health of our skin.



Fabienne Bresdin

Cosmetic brands light up our future!

« We have to do creation as an ambition, invention as a requirement, novelty as a necessity »

Jacques Attali

Our ethics

Our Values are reflected in all areas of the company and its governance:

Transparency & quality
Expertise to support you throughout your Cosmetic brand development project and based on European and International norms.

Creativity & innovation
A continuous source of scientific, ethical and sensorial inspiration to stay on the top of innovation in our field of expertise.

Respect of people
For the construction of collaboration and long-term partnerships.

Ethical & ecological resources
The valorization of natural resources in order to restore their benefits while respecting their renewal cycle, their bioavailability, without damaging the biodiversity of our environment.

In accordance to your business models and the respect of our suppliers partners.

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