Our universe of creation

The Nature inspires us

OCEALYS has been established in Brest (France) for 30 years, with its laboratory facing the ocean.

Biomimetic cosmetics inspired by the benefits of Nature

They are inspired by the living and what exists, the natural and effective solutions given by Nature, to create skincare and to formulate textures that draw their innovation from biomimicry.

They are respectful of the skin and the environment and designed in a sustainable development approach.

They are linked to a scientific knowhow that demonstrates its benefits and without any toxicity.

Marine Resources

Seawater, minerals, thermalism

Our laboratory valorizes since the beginning the marine resources: fresh seaweeds and organic marine plants harvested by our partners in the Iroise Marine Park or

– even marine clays and mother waters from salt marshes or

– even microalgae cultivated by our oyster farmers or those cultivated in the lake of Oregon or

– the halophyte plants of the seaside and  also

– the thermal springs like the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or the thermal source of Caldane in Corsica

Vegetable Resources

plants from various origins, flowers, fruits, roots, essential oils

The plant world is also a continuous source of inspiration for us:

the cider apple from Normandy, essential oils or endemic plants from Corsica or Provence, turmeric from Reunion Island, Ravelana butter from Madagascar, teas, plants from Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

With the technical support of our BIOMOLENEZ R&D center and our local scientific and industrial partners, we produce the natural active ingredients developed exclusively for introducing them into the heart of the formulations of the private label skincare ranges.

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