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your private label skincare line with a support throughout your development project:

the development of your “tailor-made” formulas, exclusive, according to your specifications

the customization of our standard formulas offered in our catalog

Ready to use or white:
the provision of our standard formulas under your brand

the improvement of your products according to your new quality or regulatory charter

regulatory audit and industrial transposition of the formula you have already


Take inspiration

from our suggestions for standard liquid or solid formulas:

the cares:
Face care, body care, hair care, technical and sensory care for SPAs or thalassotherapy, hygiene care, men’s care, baby care, care for pregnant women, scented skincare ranges, cosmeceutical skincare, dermocosmetic skincare

the textures:
Cream textures, serum, lamellar or quick breack emulsions, gelled or biphasic waters, aqueous, liquid, sugar-ester bases, gel cream, foaming, transformation, powder, solid…

To create your skin care line inspired by our creative & sensorial formulas 100% natural or certifiable Cosmos Organic, Natural or Vegan, designed as real rituals to provide emotion and great sensation of well-being which are essential to preserve the health of our skin.

We are also developing 100% natural sun care based on mineral filters and “tailor-made” baby care.

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Our specialities

100% natural or organic formulas that combine performance and sensoriality.

Marine cosmetic formulas incorporating a high concentration of mineral salts.

Innovative and holistic textures, at the top of technical and scientific knowhow of our profession.

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